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matt black wrapped vehicle with rainbow chameleon windscreen window film UK supplier of window tint

Chameleon Window Films

Our high quality Chameleon Window Film...

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  • Protect

    Our Window Films offer 99% UV protection therefore, be rest assured your vehicle and skin have some protection from the damaging sun rays

  • Aesthetic

    Not only do our windows films add various health and security benefits, but also vastly improves the appearance of a vehicle. Tinted windows add a sleek and stylish appearance to a vehicle

  • Security

    With vehicle theft on the rise, window film can offer a deterrent to potential thieves. This is due to window films making glass more awkward to smash through as the layer of film gives the window more strength and also obscures the view of items left inside a vehicle

  • Heat Rejection

    Our Nano Ceramic Windows films are a fantastic option for reducing heat and glare inside a vehicle. This is due to the properties of the window film which reflects and absorbs solar energy, which in turn reduces heat and glare inside a vehicle

About Us

We are a UK Supplier of Premium Chameleon Window Film to the trade based in Kent, UK.
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